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Digital Watermark

SaForus Forensic Watermarking technology is compatible
with media such as OTTs, Videos, Webtoons and Music.

Redefining Product Features

SaForus provides a strong digital watermarking service that uses advanced algorithms to embed unique identifiers into digital content, enabling content owners to detect and prevent unauthorized distribution and piracy.

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Brand Protection

Digital watermarking can help protect a brand's reputation by identifying counterfeit or pirated materials that may be distributed under its name. This can help prevent damage to the brand's reputation and loss of revenue due to the sale of unauthorized products.

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Evidence in Court

Digital watermarking can be used as evidence in court cases involving copyright infringement or intellectual property theft. The watermark can help prove ownership of the original content and identify the person who illegally distributed it.

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Deterrent to Piracy

Digital watermarking can deter piracy by making it easier to trace the source of the unauthorized distribution of digital content. Knowing that the content can be traced back to its source can discourage potential pirates from illegally distributing copyrighted materials.

The Power Of Digital Watermarking

Many have tried to match SaForus's Digital Watermarking technology but only few do it well.

Examples of 97 quality tests
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The only technology

Consistent digital watermark R&D since the beginning of our company Our company has passed the digital watermarking quality tests of all six major Hollywood studios.


Europe: 3 (1 company licensed MarkAny Content TRACKER)
United States: 2
Asia: 1 (MarkAny)


Camcording (i.e. filming the screen with mobile phone or camcorder)
Shaking and light scattering attack
Resolution change
Fps change
Collusion Attack
(combining different users’ videos)
Combined Attack (multiple types of attacks)

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Safe and Sound With SaForus

Try the various security solutions offered by SaForus for free.
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